Voices in your head

-David Balestri

We are what we say

Have you ever taken the time to really listen into the conversation that your inside voice has with your mind?

It’s a bit of a funny question however within the answer lives a very important success principle called “self talk”.

Most of us would never allow anyone else to speak to us the way that we speak to ourselves, as a matter of fact if someone put us down and was critical of us the way we are about ourselves many of us would end up in a physical altercation!

I meet people almost daily who are having an internal fight with themselves because of the way they allow their internal critic to speak to them.

When we say things like “I could never do that” or “I am not smart enough”, we need to stop and ask ourselves, “What am I basin” these statements upon”?

There are certainly thin”s in this life that are impossible for us to do, however, there are many thin”s today that I do, that I once thought I could never do!

We will consistently behave in a manner that is true to the way we see ourselves, which is why, how we see ourselves and our place in this life is so important.

Sometimes our mindsets are based on our limited experiences. We might have grown up around people with negative or self limiting mindsets, we might have been exposed to people with small mentalities, observing” how they navigated their lives, and thought to ourselves “this is the way everybody thinks”, we may have even had them infect the way we look at and think about ourselves or our world.

These people may even have been members of our family or close friends. Even though we might now be all grown up, we may still be “enslaved” to the small inadequate mindsets that we grew up around.

Breaking the chains

By saying we might still be “enslaved” I mean that we could still subconsciously be ruled by the limiting belief systems we grew up around.

Slavery is such a cruel injustice against humanity; it is so destructive to our psyche as human beings, you see, slaves are like the walking dead. something deep within you dies if you are captive to the condition of slavery for too long.

Slaves aren’t just people with chains around their feet that work in the fields of cruel task masters; a slave can wear a pinstripe suite or designer jeans; “a slave is simply someone who has defaulted their lives to an existence that betrays their ultimate potential”.

The only way to break the chains of slavery is to challenge the oppressive way of thinking that has kept you down. Sometimes if we accept a substandard state of existence long enough, as humans, we tend to view this as normal or our lot in life.

Humans are the masters of adaptation and survival, and if left in a compromised state long enough we may actually begin to adapt the entirety of our lives to justify our circumstances. That is what happens to most people; they develop a way of thinking based on the limitations of their current circumstances and thus remain slaves for the remainder of their lives to these powerful thoughts or mindsets.

Slaves are people who have forgotten how to dream, slaves always live in fear of other people, slaves build a rationalization for why they cannot be anything other than slaves, slaves never think about how to gain their freedom, slaves become so comfortable with their slavery that they will attack anyone who comes and tries to break them free from it.

Rattling your cage

 I want to rattle the cage of your life a little. No matter who you are or where you are from, you are called to live a giant’s life, that’s right; you are not supposed to live life intimidated by anything. Never the less, the problem remains that you will not be able to engage this reality while you allow your thinking and attitude to remain small and weak.

I have never met anyone who was living in the upper echelons of their fullest potential who did not think in a large, excited, forward moving and positive manner about themselves and their world. I have however met many critical and cynical people who chose to claim that this positive expansive way to look at life was an exercise in futility and naivety.

The problem with most of these knockers is that for the most part, they themselves are broke, unhappy or living mediocre lives. I know whom I would personally prefer to be like. How about you?

Don’t let your own or someone else’s negative opinion about your ultimate capacity as a human being, rob you from living out your fullest potential. “If you aim for the moon you may just hit a star”.

A great journey awaits you as you commit to the process of changing the way you think, as you engage with this quest you will find a new beginning filled with unlimited possibilities begins to open up to you.

David Balestri

Giant Maker Master Coach