“Life is a precious gift “

Unlock Your Potential with Giant Maker’s Expert Coaching Services

whO WE ARE ?

Meet David, the business mastermind with over three decades of entrepreneurial experience. His journey began at a young age and has taken him on a path of relentless success, founding and leading numerous businesses with a natural passion for entrepreneurship.

But David isn’t just a successful entrepreneur, he’s a lifelong learner, dedicating over 14,000 hours to mastering the art of business, wealth creation, success dynamics, and leadership strategies.

With his wealth of experience and expert training, David has become a highly sought-after corporate speaker and master coach, guiding businesses, professionals, and individuals towards their full potential.


Executive Business Coaching

Elevate your BUSINESS TO NEW HEIGHTS with Giant Maker’s executive business coaching.

Our services are designed to help businesses and organisations reach their full potential, through strategic business planning, performance coaching, and team training.

We have a proven track record of success, working with clients from various industries and helping them increase revenue, build successful marketing campaigns, and develop top-performing teams.

Join forces with us and let us help you achieve your business goals and reach new heights of success.

Career Coaching

Take your CAREER TO THE NEXT LEVEL with Giant Maker’s career coaching.

Our expert coaches have helped professionals from various industries, including CEOs, sales managers, engineers, and personal trainers, reach their full potential and succeed in their careers.

If you’re ready to overcome obstacles and achieve your career goals, we’re here to guide and support you on your journey.

Life Coaching

Find direction and PURPOSE IN YOUR LIFE with Giant Maker’s life coaching services.

Our expert coaches have helped countless individuals define and pursue their dreams and passions, building the confidence and skills necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Take control of your life and make your mark on the world. Let us guide and support on your journey to success.

where WE DO it ?

We have a range of coaching options:

Phone and Zoom Coaching

Business and Corporate Offices


Hotel / Resort Lobbies

Cafes and Restaurants

Corporate Events 

We are committed to tailoring the coaching options to suit our customers success goals and needs. We’d love to chat with you to discuss how we can meet your needs.