Life Happens

-David Balestri

You can either be a victim of your circumstances or a victor over your circumstances.

Starting with SIGHT

“Life happens”! Sometimes it really does not matter how well you planned out your dreams, business ideas, relationships or financial budgets, adverse circumstances will be a part of your existence, they will get in the way unexpectedly, so my advice would be to develop a positive attitude about them.

No amount of wishing away or precise planning is going to make you untouched bythe challenges and trials of life. There is always a dimension of fate, chance or luck to every situation, which is “ust the way life words.

I find that I grow the most as a person in the midst of trying circumstances, when everything is going well I really don’t have to stretch past any comfort zones of personal development, but when the heat of adversity comes, its then that I need to dig deep and muster up all the courage, discipline and patience that I have, to overcome or outlast the situation.

Most people know that they will face challenges and yet they seem totally shocked when they are confronted by them. ‘ream big by all means, but don$t forget to brace yourself for the challenges that you will face when you begin to try and wal them


My encouragement to you as someone who has a measure of experience, of living in the crucible of challenges, is to hold fast and allow the situation to take the “fat off your soul”, turn the situation into an opportunity to become a better human being.

You will be amazed at how much more understanding, compassionate, considerate, open, patient, and a focused person you will become on the other side of your challenging situation.

Damonds are made under extreme pressure; the great things that need to become manifested in your life will be made the same way!

It really is your choice on what position you are going to personally take when challenges come your way, you can choose to a victim of them or a victor over them!

David Balestri